gusto. (single)

by Nolan The Ninja



"If Nolan The Ninja’s “clockers.” was a declaration to the entire rap world that he has arrived then “gusto.” is him merely reinforcing the foundation he’s building with this follow-up single. While some are simply satisfied with being heard, Nolan is focused on achieving greatness in this field. From the outset, Nolan makes it clear what his goals are and that the lengths he will go to achieve them. If “clockers.” was the introduction then “gusto.” establishes the level of consistency you should associate with Nolan The Ninja’s output going forward. The “f-ck the hype. (EP)” will arrive on November 10th, 2015 via DJ Soko's Left Of Center. The first shot injures the charging beast. That was "clockers.". The second shot is the one that slows the beast down. This is "gusto.". The third shot comes next…that one’s the kill shot."


released October 3, 2015
Mastered by AP.

Produced by 5ynoT.

Recorded by Foul Mouth.

Mixed by Nolan The Ninja.

Art Direction (editing): Nolan The Ninja



all rights reserved


Nolan The Ninja Detroit, Michigan

Nolan Chapman, also known as ‘Nolan The Ninja’, is a 25-year old emcee & producer from Detroit, MI.


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